Yes, we're in Australia and no, we don't celebrate Thanksgiving. But that doesn't mean we can't join in and offer you guys a black friday sale that our friends in the US offer!

For starters, we are extending all the PHR black friday sales offers to you! Email us for prices!

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Used Parts Listings.

Remember if there’s anything new you need we can price it up for you if you flick us an  title=


Gorilla Industries is proud to announce that we are now the Sole Australian Distributor for Power House Racing!


Although we cater for most makes and models, we love Toyotas. Contact us for your Toyota and Lexus parts.

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Brand New Wheels? We Got!

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Some used wheels we have in stock!Photobucket

BBS LM 5 x 100 for 86/BRZ, Subaru, Celica etc


SSR SP1 5 x 114.3 18 x 9.5 +12 Photobucket

*All used parts are sold as is, unless stated otherwise. 

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