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Friday & Saturday was WTAC here in Sydney. with Pro cars coming from USA, Japan and NZ.

We entered the Clubsprint class, with the main difference being limited to Street tyres. We opted to use Yokohama AD08. 265/35/18 and 285/30/18

The Week started off like this:
– Old Trust 50mm Wastegate off due to boost issues
– New Turbosmart 50mm Pro Gate fitted
– Finish fitting the Wastegate
– Fit 3″ 4 Pt Harness
– Fire Extinguisher
– Front Tow Strap
– Car gets trucked over to Motographics for the Livery
– Car finished graphics around 10am
– Car Trucked over to Local Tyre Place to fit Yokohama AD08 Tyres
– Car Sent to Tuner, to get final tune in place after Wastegate fitted (This was around 4pm…tuner wasnt happy lol
– 6pm, 90 Degree Silicon Hose coming off the Turbo, “bursts”…never had a drama in 3 years!
– 8pm I find a place to get me a hose
– Car is tuned by 9pm and driven Home.
Friday (morning of Time attack)
– Get out on first session…half a lap into it…Hose Bursts again
– Second Session, Hose Burst again (2nd lap)
– Third and final session, new hose fitted but wrapped in turbo blanket, 3 laps it bursts again!
– Drive straight to work shop to get that pipe changed to a hard pipe welded in
– 8:30pm go home for some sleep

– 9:20am session, drive out, car is better.
– 2nd lap, boost controller is off!
– Find that fuse is blown, rip dash out and change fuse
– 11:40am second and final session…boost controller working
– Anymore than 15psi…car is popping and farting 🙁
– I had 5 trouble free laps with wastegate pressure..with a best of 1:47.0 :(. My testing times were 1:46.1 about 3 weeks ago.

So after all the dramas, and disappointing times, we came second in the RWD Class. Which I am happy with. The R35 GTR’s and EVOS in our class were just too quick to even try and beat them. Could have done alot better overall if the car was running Mickey Mouse, but I was never going to beat Jacky Yick in his S15. Maybe next year.

Here are the laptimes (Shane Standley)


A Big Thanks goes out to:
Hakan at Performance Exhaust Centre
Paden at Unique Automotive
Kevin at Ricky Tan Wiring
Matt from F&E Automotive
Dylan at Gorilla Industries
The Guys at Motographics for the awesome decals
And all the boys!
Thanks also to the various photographers for these awesome pics.
Exitingturn 3

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