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Price: Download Wilwood Price List Gorilla Industries is proud to be able to offer Wilwood brake products on order! Courtesy of the Wilwood website:

Wilwood designs and manufactures disc brakes in our California facility. Best known for our automotive racing products, we also manufacture brakes for industrial and original equipment manufacturers including, specialty vehicles, all-terrain vehicles, snowmobiles and the Army’s H1 HUMVEE; as well as brakes for amusement rides, agricultural vehicles and heavy equipment. We have a large selection of off the shelf components including steel, iron, aluminum, carbon ceramic and titanium rotors, brake calipers, master cylinders, friction materials, metering valves, proportioning valves, combination valves and complete brake systems. We specialize in the rapid development of custom brake components and brake systems and with over thirty years in disc brake engineering, proprietary tooling and developing state-of-the-art production efficiencies, we are very competitive on cost.


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