PHR Street Torque Turbo Kit JZA80 Supra TT

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The PHR Street Torque Turbo Kit, further develops from the worlds first Supra single turbo kit: the Powerhouse Racing Street Turbo kit. Now coupled with NEW Precision CEA Technology Turbos, the Street Torque Turbo Kit offers power delivery unlike ever before seen. Made specifically to increase spool, response, and torque, the kit is perfect for those looking for low rpm efficiency for street driving or road racing.

Full spool is seen as early as 3700 rpm and full power capabilities top out above 750hp with the appropriate supporting mods/turbo.

The torque monster turbo kit still bolts up to the factory catalytic converter, or aftermarket stock twin downpipe, making it one of the only turbo kits on the market that will pass emissions. Our kit also comes with the drop down intercooler pipes which can be coupled to the Greddy 3 row intercooler or modified to fit any others.

Included in the Street Torque Turbo Kit:
Your choice of Precision Turbo, 6266, 6466 or 6766
Tial MV-R 44mm Wastegate
PHR Cast Manifold
PHR Oil Drain Kit
PHR Oil Feed Kit
PHR Downpipe to meet factory CAT or aftermarket downpipe
PHR 4″ Air Intake Kit
PHR Dump Tube
All hardware, couplers and clamps necessary for install

This kit produced 600whp on bone stock motor! 8/1/13

600whp on Stock Cams with the Powerhouse Racing Street Torque Turbo Kit!!!



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